Women’s Orchestra of Arizona
Livia Gho, Artistic Director

Rate Sheet

Thank you for asking about prices for music groups provided by the Women’s Orchestra of Arizona. All of our musicians are professionals. We perform a variety of elegant background music including: light classical, Baroque, wedding favorites, and selected standards. We have string quartets, trios, duos and chamber orchestra. These prices are good for Phoenix Metropolitan. There will be a travel charge for destinations outside of the Phoenix Metropolitan area. If you have any questions or want to hire one of our groups, please give me a call at (812)-361-2263. I will be happy to make the musical arrangements for your event.

First HourTwo HoursThreeFour
String Duo (2)
(Violin and Cello)
String Trio (3)
(Violin, Viola, and Cello)
String Quartet (4)
(Two Violins, Viola, and Cello)
Rate Sheet

Events outside Phoenix Metropolitan will be negotiated on an individual basis.
We appreciate your business.

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